Deke’s Techniques 461: Create a Bat-Faced Moon for Halloween

In this weeeeek's freeeee Deeeeke's Techneeeeeks, the annual Halloween shenanigans begin. Of course, to Deke---lover of all things Halloween---creating a Photoshop composite in which bats make a smiley face on a creepy moon is referred to as a "timeless" technique. Yes, my darling dekeEnstines, to Deke this is is timeless: Hmm, on second thought, the compositing techniques you'll during the course of this video are pretty darn timeless (within the scope of the quarter-century Photoshop has been around). You'll start with this traditional, arguably timeless, but boring moon:And add some creepy atmosphere with this grungy background---via good old-fashioned blend (Read more...)